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Learning how to prompt a user for input in a Java program!
This lesson consists of learning how to perform a task on the input of
What are variables? How is it used with arithmetic operations?
Our second lesson will be about variables and their use. This lesson is explained
WordPress saytining aloqa, bog'lanish formasini qanday tayyorlanadi
How to make a contact form for a WordPress site
Hello users of my blog! We will study the preparation of the site’s contact
Sayt fayllarini nima uchun zaxiralab borish juda muhim
Why is it important to back up your site files?
Hello users of my blog! This article is very important for webmasters and those
WordPress nimalardan tuzilgan va u qanday ishlaydi?
What is WordPress made of and how does it work?
Hello readers of my blog! I am Okhunjon with you. Today we will learn
WordPress dashboard settings menu functions
Greetings! We are starting the third lesson of our mini-course on preparing a site
ma'lumotlar ombori boshqarish tizimi haqida
Basic concepts about database (repository)!
Hi guys! I am glad to see you again, this article will be about
Arraylistdan foydalanish qanday bo'ladi
Introduction to ArrayList in Java!!!
Hello dear readers of my blog. Let’s start learning data structures in the Java
Algoritm yozish
Algorithm writing steps, with examples!
Hello dear readers of my blog! In programming (in any programming language), it is
Ma'lumotlar tuzilmalari, tarkibi va algoritm
Becoming a programmer without knowing what data structures and algorithm are!!!
Hi guys! Okhunjon with you again. I want to provide information about data structures
Obyekt, klass sinf metodlar
General understanding of object, class methods and method calling in programming!
Hello dear readers of my blog! In this article, I want to clarify the
Diqqat moshennik
Beware of Internet scams! And how to avoid them?
Have you come across scam sites, scams, scams on the internet? Read this article
Yandex dengi identifikatsiyasi
How to identify yourself outside of Russia from Yandex Dengy. How to write an application for Yandex Dengi identification.
Hello friends and visitors of my site. Today, according to many requests, I decided
Wordpress plaginlar
TOP 7 WordPress plugins. Add additional features to a site template.
List of TOP 7 most needed plugins on WordPress sites. Install plugins on your
Ingliz tilini o'rganish
“He who knows the language knows” says our wise people! But how can you live by learning the language?
Hello everyone! Okhunjon Gaybullayev is with you again. Knowing a foreign language can help
Internetda savdo qilish
Do you know how to shop on Amazon?
About Amazon: What is Amazon? How to buy from Amazon? You will learn from