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Want to buy from AliExpress? Then read this article!

Alexpresdan sotib olish

Hello readers of! I want to tell you what Aliexpress is, how to register on it and place an order to buy something.

To be more specific, this article will tell you the following:

  1. What is AliExpress (brief information).
  2. Registering and opening an account on AliExpress.
  3. How to buy products from AliExpress.
  4. How does AliExpress protect payments?

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is an online marketplace owned by China-based Alibaba. To put it more simply, AliExpress is a global trading platform that allows buyers in the world market to buy products from Chinese manufacturers.

AliExpress started its work in 2010 and has become one of the most popular websites in the world.

You can buy anything you want from your home through this site. This article also talks about it.

To use the services of this site, you must first register and create your personal account.

Registering and opening an account on AliExpress

If you follow the instructions below, you will be able to register and open your account on Aliexpress.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions in the article!

Link: Register on AliExpress!

You will land on a page like the one below, if you click on the Go to Global Site (English) link on the top right, you will enter the global site of Aliexpress, which is in English. That’s exactly what I’m going to do in this article, and I recommend you do the same, so that the instructions are easy to use.

But if you don’t want to, it doesn’t matter if you continue by clicking the Registration link below.

There are two main types of registration:

The first is a very simple way to register through social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Google account. Your information on these social networks will be used for this. In this type of registration, you click on Iconcha and it asks for your permission to use your data.

Below we will consider the second method:

Click the Join link in the top right!

A new page will open, on this page you will be asked to enter information about yourself.

Below are comments by serial number about what information you should enter in each field.

Use the comments below according to the order number of the fields in the picture!

  1. Enter your email address! The email you entered will be your account login, that is, your username. If you don’t have mail yet, click on the links below and follow the instructions to open one!
  2. Name
  3. Surname
  4. Write a password! The password can be from 6 to 20 letters. I recommend that you choose a stronger password, and be sure to keep it safe, as it will be asked later when logging into your account.
  5. Re-enter the password you entered in (4) above!
  6. Enter the code below!
  7. After entering all the above information, click Create Your Account!

The account is now open. A message will be sent to the email address you entered to confirm your email. Check your inbox and spam and find your message! Click the CONFIRM MY EMAIL ADDRESS button and confirm your email!

Mail Confirmed:

Now we can buy any product we want from AliExpress.

How to buy products from AliExpress?

When I say buying a product, I don’t mean choosing a quality product, I just want to show you what the shopping process is like in this article. It can be divided into several processes:

Search for the product you want to buy.

The AliExpress platform offers phones, accessories, clothing, children’s toys, sports equipment and many other products.

Enter the product name in the search field or search for the product you are looking for by categories (departments) and click on it.

Tip: If you do not know what the translation of what you are looking for in English or Russian, I recommend that you translate it using Google translator.

After making our choice, we click the Buy Now button to buy.

Order confirmation.

Make sure your shipping address is correct on the order confirmation page!

Payment methods.

There are different payment methods on AliExpress. Choose your preferred payment method! You can now pay through wallets such as Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, QIWI, Web Money, Yandex Dengi.

Order completion.

Your order will reach you in at least 60 days, bsometimes it can be longer. The main thing is that you do not press the “Order completed” button until the order reaches you. If your order does not arrive within the stated time, you will apply to AliexPress arbitration and they will give the seller 3-4 days. If the order does not arrive within this period, AliExpress will return your money to you.

When you receive the product, click the “Completed” button. This will signal to AliExpress that the order has been successfully completed. But before that, there are some things you need to know, so keep reading!

How does AliExpress protect payments?

Sometimes things don’t work as expected. In such cases, do not forget that there is “Buyer protection” for products listed on AliExpress. This means that you can get a full refund if the product is damaged in delivery, the delivery is late or you are not completely satisfied with the product.

Now you know what AlieExpress is, how to register and how to buy products. These are the main things you do as a buyer.

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If you have any questions about the article, leave them in the comments!

Thank you for your attention, stay healthy!

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