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Friends! On this page you will find a list of services that I offer you.

I mainly do site preparation in wordpress. More specifically, this work includes the following.


Get a domain — We will open a site on the domain of your choice.

Installing the WordPress platform — we will install WordPress on your preferred hosting service.

Template (theme) installation — We will install a template according to your requirements. We will also customize the appearance of the theme to your liking.

Install Required Plugins — Required plug-ins are installed and detailed at startup.

Create menus — Create menus on the main page.

Open Sections — Sections will be opened.

Hand over the finished site to the owner with a manual (how to use wordpres will be shown through videos).

If you want to use our above services, please contact us and we will agree on the price of the service.

Send your request from the «Contact» section!

Sincerely, Okhunjon Gaibullayev

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