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Okhunjon Gaybullayev

Date of birth: October 9, 1996.

I was born in Olot district of Bukhara region

Currently, I am a second-year student of Inha University (a branch of Inha University of Korea) in Tashkent.

Hello, nice to see you on my personal blog. Today, I decided to create my own blog, that is, my brand, on the Internet. In this blog, I intend to share my knowledge and experiences so far and my future intentions and goals with like-minded friends.

About my work and achievements in the last two years:

In 2015, I passed the exam and was accepted as a student at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Mirzo Ulugbek National University of Uzbekistan (UzMU) in Tashkent. But for some reasons I did not continue my studies.

In 2015—2016, I studied English and got an IELTS certificate.

(Click on the image to view the certificate)

In August 2016, I took an exam at the Computer Engineering Department of Inha University of South Korea in Tashkent, and was accepted as a student. This university has been operating in Uzbekistan since 2014. I studied computers and the Internet for a year.

In August 2017, I took a one-year academic leave from Inha University. I set myself the goal of sharing the knowledge I have gained and all the experience and skills I am learning with you, and I created this blog.


In fact, I have many goals.

As I said above, I studied English for a year and got an IELTS certificate, and I strengthened my knowledge of English at Inha University for another year. In the future, I intend to share my knowledge of English with you through this blog.

The main purpose of creating a blog:

«A nation deprived of modern science and technology will be destroyed by others»

Mahmudhoja Behbudi. A Nation in Need (1913)

The future is in the hands of our youth! Therefore, it is in our hands to build our future correctly and beautifully. For this, we young people must be determined to learn, choose the right path, and help each other.

Yes, today there are many negative comments and discussions about Uznet. Let's change these words to a positive side together. For this, let's acquire knowledge and increase useful information for our people, for our country, for the youth.

The main purpose of creating this blog is that I would like every young person in Uzbekistan to have their own blog and share their experience and skills with others. And I hope that my blog will be of great help in doing these things.

Yes, I am certainly not exempt from this vice, just as a person is not perfect. If there are some mistakes and shortcomings in my work, I apologize to you in advance and correct these mistakes with the help of true friends like you. I try to laugh.

Friends, that's why I'll put my short biography on hold for now. I look forward to your thoughts and comments. Bye Bye!

Sincerely, Okhunjon Gaybullaev

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