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How to identify yourself outside of Russia from Yandex Dengy. How to write an application for Yandex Dengi identification.

Yandex dengi identifikatsiyasi

Hello friends and visitors of my site. Today, according to many requests, I decided to write an article about passing identification in Yandex Dengy. Of course, it is very important to pass identification in all electronic wallets. Because if you don’t pass the identification, your opportunities will be limited. Secondly, it will be irresponsible to provide service to you.

That is, there is a strong possibility that the money you want to transfer somewhere will disappear soon. In such cases, you will not be able to prove anything. Because your identity will be unknown from the beginning (anonymous). That is why I recommend that you definitely identify your electronic wallets.

So, today we will consider how to pass identification in Yandex Dengy outside of Russia. The instructions in this article can be implemented from the following countries: Georgia, Egypt, Spain, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, China, Cuba, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland , Romania, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Estonia.

How to pass identification from Yandex Dengy

How to send an application by mail

To whom it applies: Citizens of all countries.

How much it will cost: Calculate porter service, notaries and translator services.

How long to wait: 7 working days (at the latest) after your application reaches the Yandex Dengi organization.

What documents should be prepared

In most cases, two documents:

  1. Copy of passport – front page (with photo) and registration page (if any).
  2. Application for identification – completed and copied.

Download the application form here

ATTENTION: If you are a public official or his relative, if you have a beneficiary or beneficiary, you must submit an additional application.

What needs to be notarized

If your passport is in Russian, notaries will confirm the passport copy.

If the passport is in a language other than Russian:

  1. Confirm to the notary that the signature on the application is yours.
  2. Go to a translator: let him translate a copy of your passport and your notarized application.
  3. After the translator, confirm the translator’s signature again at the notary.

Make sure you have your country from the list below:

Azerbaijan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Georgia, Egypt, Spain, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, China, Cuba, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Estonia.

If your country is not in this list, put an apostille stamp on the document.

Where to send the document and next

There are three choices:

  1. On the basis of a special order, at the following postal address: 115035, g. Moscow, a/ya 57, OOO NKO “Yandex.Dengi”,
  2. By a person (courier) to his office in Moscow: Sadovnicheskaya ulitsa, building 82, stroenie 2.
  3. If one of your friends is going to Moscow or St. Petersburg in the near future, you can also send the documents to him.

When sending by mail, you should take into account that it will take several weeks for your shipment to reach its destination. You can track your order on the website of the Russian Post by tracking number. If your status on the site changes to “Vruchenie adresatu”, it means that Yandex Dengi’s practical support department has received your application and started to review it. The inspection will be considered within 7 days from the date of receipt of the application.

After everything is ready, you will see a green or yellow signal next to your balance in your personal cabinet. And you will receive a message about this to your email address.

You check all the information from your personal cabinet, that is, you confirm that your name status has changed to identified.

ATTENTION: if the user has previously sent an application to the Yandex Dengi organization (for example, to reset the payment password or connect a new phone number), you can apply for identification in a simplified manner (by e-mail).

If you are under the age of 18, you will need to send a notarized parental consent document to the above-mentioned documents.

So, this is how Yandex Dengy is authenticated. If you don’t understand, you can leave it in the comments, I will try to answer as much as possible.

Goodbye for now, stay healthy.

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