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TOP 7 WordPress plugins. Add additional features to a site template.

List of TOP 7 most needed plugins on WordPress sites. Install plugins on your site and grow your site…

Plugins serve to increase the usability of any site, improve its design, and attract more users.
Hello, regular readers and visitors of In today’s article, we will talk about WordPress plugins that will make your WordPress site (blog) high-quality and convenient. You must know how to install a plugin on a WordPress site, if you don’t know, read here: Installing a plugin

You can check out another list of 7 useful plugins for your WordPress site here: Plugins.

So, let’s return to the main topic. Let’s start from the end of the list of plugins, that is, from the 7th number:

1. WP Advanced PDF

This plugin allows your site users to download articles in PDF format. Useful features:

  • the font can be changed when the article is converted to PDF format;
  • it is possible to automatically print the name of the site on the page (for example, you can write UZINFOBIZ.RU in one corner of the page).

2. Cyr-To-Lat

A plug-in that converts characters written in the Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin alphabet.
With this plugin, site content is quickly and easily translated into Cyrillic and Latin alphabets
can be printed. Useful features:

  • automatically transfers pre-written articles to another alphabet;
  • also renames the file names in the media collection in Latin alphabet.

3. Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

Nowadays, many sites use Google’s reCAPTCHA service. The reason is that this plugin strengthens the protection of the site and ensures its safety. Almost all internet users come across this plugin. The plugin usually asks you to find an object (a road sign, a car) out of 9 images, thereby confirming that you are not a robot. You can place the reCAPTCHA plugin in the login, registration or comment sections. Useful features:

  • strong protection;
  • does not check trusted IP addresses;
  • has a different design.

4. WooCommerce

A very useful plugin for those who are looking to implement their business activities on the Internet. This plugin is an online store using WordPress
helps you create and develop your business. Useful features:

  • easy and convenient to use;
  • most of the work is done by the plug-in;
  • a separate “WooCommerce” section will appear in the control panel for entering and editing products for sale;
  • it is possible to receive orders online (orders are sent to the “WooCommerce” section of the control panel and to your e-mail);

5. Meta Slider

With this plugin, you can place a slider on your site. The slider changes the selected images sequentially over a certain period of time and serves to improve the design of the site. By installing the Meta Slider plugin, you will have the opportunity to create a slider quickly and easily. Useful features:

  • has a simple and convenient interface;
  • you can add a title, link and additional text to the picture;
  • supports full-width slide;
  • it is easy to change the sequence of pictures;
  • There are various transition effects.

6. qTranslate X

Do you want to run your site in 2 or more languages? Then this plugin is for you. Useful features:

  • maintaining the site in two or more languages;
  • print site content in Latin and Cyrillic letters;
  • edit articles in different languages in one window;
  • URL translation;
  • easy and quick change of site language.

7. Jetpack

Jetpack plugin is a plugin recommended by WordPress and has many users. This plugin includes various functions.
Useful features:

  • installing templates with a beautiful design on the site;
  • fast loading of large image or video files;
  • excellent site statistics;
  • strong protection;
  • automatic site backup.
    In order to fully use all the features of the Jetpack plugin, you need to choose one of the paid versions.

If you face any problem installing the above mentioned plugins, you can leave a comment in the comment section.

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