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Beware of Internet scams! And how to avoid them?

Have you come across scam sites, scams, scams on the internet? Read this article quickly if you haven’t already!

Hello dear readers of my blog! In this article, I would like to provide information about some scams (scams) that may exist on the Internet and how to avoid them.

I recently came across one of these scams when I was surfing the internet on my computer and I managed to get to the bottom of it in time and was not scammed. And I was convinced that there are a lot of fraudsters on the Internet.

I will first talk about the incident that became the subject of this article, and then I will give my advice on how to act in such cases.

So, when I was searching for information on Google, a new page suddenly opened:

The following words are written on this page:

Dear user, Congratulations!

We want to thank you for being a loyal user of Google in Uzbekistan. Your IP address has been randomly selected to receive a FREE Samsung Galaxy S9.

From time to time, we select a number of users to give them the opportunity to receive gifts from our partners and sponsors. This is our way of saying thank you for choosing Google as your search engine.

Today is your lucky day. You are one of 10 users who will be randomly selected to receive the gift.

To receive a gift, you simply need to complete a short and anonymous survey. Just hurry up! Only a small amount of gifts are available today.

After reading these, I was happy at first (unnecessarily), but then I felt something strange. The reason was that the URL looked suspicious, usually Google services included the word google in the URL, for example:,, etc.

On the one hand, I wanted to find out whether such a service (giving a gift) has been launched in Google before, but in a non-serious mood, I took part in surveys to receive a gift on my own.

After I answered 2-3 questions, a new page opened:

On this page:


Due to limited availability, your gift will be held for the next 2:53 minutes.

If you do not claim the gift during this time, it will be given to the next lucky Google user.

After I clicked the Claim Now button on this page, a new site ( opened and asked me to register for an account.

After registering and opening an account, I was asked to enter my personal information and card number:

It was here that I became suspicious of what was going on and quickly googled to see if there were any giveaways like this and if was trustworthy or not.

And I learned that Google does not have such a service and that there are many people who do such scams using Google’s brand. What happened to me is also a kind of fraud.

As for, it is a completely unreliable site. When I looked for information about it on the forums, I found that every month $37-38 was deducted from the card, and people who did not know how to stop it wrote asking for advice and saying that this site should not be used at all.

I think that after reading the above, you understood what types of fraud can be on the Internet.

Now we will talk about how to avoid them.

How to avoid online scams.

To avoid scams disguised as prizes, giveaways, offers, and computer bugs or viruses, you need to be very smart about what you click on and what you download.

  • Pay attention to the domain! Many scam offers try to use URLs that look like the domains (names) of legitimate websites and make them appear authentic.

For example:

And so on.

Avoid fake offers and bets!

  • Check out the website factors! Do not rush to believe the offer, even if it is from a reliable site or a reliable company! Check the URL back! Many fraudsters use fake URLs.

Also, keep in mind that some trusted sites may also post untrustworthy ads!

If there is a pop-up without a URL (a window that appears on the front of the page), it often warns about something, if they say that there is an error in the files on your computer, do not believe it and do not pay attention! Because a web browser or any site cannot determine anything about your computer’s files.

  1. Beware of requests! Often, fake offers contain surveys. They say that product applications consist of taking surveys and providing personal information. However, never give your personal information to an unreliable and unknown factor!
    Research the offer! Comment on the offer to see what people are saying
  2. look for it! Be careful in trusting the comments on the page where the offer is made! Maybe they are using fake comments.
    Be careful when installing the program! If you visit a site to download a program, make sure it’s the program’s official site!
  3. I hope that the information you received above will help you in the future when you use the Internet.

If you have also fallen victim to scams, I would ask you to leave a comment. With this, you will help others.

At the end of the article, I ask you to SUBSCRIBE to my blog! Goodbye!

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